Defending your own to Privacy: StartPage Offers Daters a protected website to understand more about Personal Topics

The small type: Although the web is created for sharing info, you shouldn’t need certainly to lay bare every personal detail and personal interaction whenever you’re online. Often, that is the cost we pay money for the handiness of the world wide web â€” but you can forget. Since unveiling the personal look movement in 2006, the business behind StartPage has actually allowed their unique customers to browse cyberspace in total confidentiality. The search engine assures they’ll never monitor, record, or store any details from browsers, so that you’re free to wonder about fetishes, check out sex topics, and study painful and sensitive problems without being followed by targeted ads or federal government companies. In over 5 million daily searches, individuals depend on StartPage to protect user privacy and defend the ability to privacy using the internet.


On the web, consumers face a tug-of-war between details and confidentiality. Exactly how much would you like to know versus simply how much would you like other individuals to know about you? As innovation progresses, huge corporations and governing bodies look purpose on overseeing every keystroke someone tends to make, recording details you can use toward everything from an advertising promotion to a criminal investigation.

Lately, confidentiality supporters had been shocked to learn that Yahoo helped the U.S. government surveil countless emails by sweeping beyond doubt keyword phrases. Without warrant and without your knowledge, government authorities might go during your many romantic discussions, beneath the guise of shielding the nationwide interest. This can be a reason for concern for anyone but could be specially troubling to daters delivering personal messages through unsecure computers.

On an objective to protect the right to confidentiality in all web task, StartPage’s website supplies world-class, impartial effects and Qualys A+ ranked security. Website provides genuine serp’s from Google without tracking, tracking, sharing, or selling an individual’s information that is personal. Today men and women can stay private and have any painful and sensitive concern without concern about becoming supervised by Big Brother.

StartPage’s SSL/TLS encoding method safeguards user data and prevents eavesdroppers inside their tracks. Using this technologies behind you, a search for a fetish or a private ailment wont trigger humiliating adverts soon after one other websites.

StartPage doesn’t shop IP addresses, utilize monitoring cookies, or record search histories. Unlike some other private the search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, StartPage’s confidentiality guarantees tend to be confirmed by a considerable 3rd party review . They voluntarily undergo arduous and transparent analysis so people understand they are throughout the up and up. Currently, StartPage is the only real google that visits such lengths supply consumers that satisfaction.

“We believe confidentiality is actually an individual right,” said Liz McIntyre, customers Privacy Professional and Spokesperson for StartPage. “In European countries, on the web privacy is enforced legally, but in the U.S. it really is pretty much a free-for-all, and other people tend to be fed up with organizations profiling them and after them across Internet.”

Safeguarding the User’s personal statistics in Over 5M frequent Searches

People frequently need confidentiality within matchmaking lives, and StartPage fulfills that need with reliability and ethics. By using the google, you are able to follow your passions without inhibition. You can easily conduct sensitive and painful analysis about gender, look at lewd pictures, or get guidelines to a romantic date, all without disclosing where you stand or what you’re undertaking to 3rd party organizations.

In over 5 million queries just about every day (and most 2 billion a-year), StartPage provides Bing’s search engine results without recording a person’s look practices, IP address, or personal information. “even when a government broker happened to be ever to come slamming on our door demanding information,” Liz told all of us, “there would be not one receive.”

The major search engines’s supreme goal is make confidentiality handy for everyone on the net. Monitoring is actually a major international problem, plus the group of enthusiastic specialists works difficult to fight it on an international scale through constant outreach and responsibility.

As a Dutch business, Startpage is actually exclusively suitable for rebuff tries to spy regarding the community. Their place in Europe throws it beyond your U.S. legislation, therefore it does not have to cooperate with U.S. data collection mandates. Website staunchly refuses to cooperate withU.S.  government surveillance products, like PRISM, and U.S. surveillance laws and regulations, such as the Patriot Act.

StartPage shields the identities and activities of individuals on their web site and advocates for better confidentiality online. Edward Snowden even acknowledged the web site as a trustworthy alternative to Google.

“we have been developing in leaps and bounds,” Liz stated, “and now we’ve viewed a surge nowadays as people have be a little more privacy-conscious.”

Their particular Proxy Feature Hides IP Addresses From different Websites

When StartPage loads their search results, they add unique features to create navigating for answers better and user-friendly. Their cost-free proxy service, as an example, helps maintain a user’s confidentiality on websites.

By clicking the “proxy” link, which seems with look outcome on StartPage, you can easily guard the ip through the web site you go to. That way, whenever you discover a dating website or matchmaking service, the business cannot ID and track you.

The capacity to remain anonymous on websites, not just on StartPage, lends a much greater sense of safety to users throughout the search-engine.

“We were first to make usage of the cost-free proxy solution, and in addition we are nevertheless the actual only real people thereupon feature,” Liz mentioned. “Before confidentiality was even cool, we managed to get a priority in our s.e.. That focus features developed over the years, and after this we are preeminent in search confidentiality field.”

StartMail: Disposable e-mails Try to let on the web Daters be Anonymous

Sometimes on the web daters don’t want to provide their own major contact information to arbitrary complete strangers. Sometimes they wanna pass an alias or have an exit strategy, in the event. In those circumstances, experienced singles can use StartMail to have a chat anonymously and safely using the internet. Their particular mail solution uses PGP, the gold standard of encryption tech, to keep your correspondence from the public attention.

StartMail’s one-click PGP encryption is not hard to utilize but supplies state-of-the-art mail confidentiality. “All of our consumers have the choice to encrypt their unique emails and attachments like a professional so they aren’t visible to solutions like Yahoo,” Liz described. “Encrypted electronic mails can simply end up being decrypted and made understandable by a recipient with all the right secret response or key.”

To read your own encrypted email, the get in touch with must correctly feedback a personal key or answer a safety concern you supply. Minus the decryption rule, the message and any parts merely resemble gobbledygook to snoops along with other interlopers.

For a yearly subscription, you may enjoy actually different vital e-mail defenses, including endless throwaway aliases. StartMail lets their unique people produce burner emails you don’t need to share your individual contact info to register to a social community or content a associate using the internet. Folks in the online dating area can provide around disposable emails to remain safe while flirting at might.

“its a pretty cool function. You’ll be able to nevertheless get emails delivered to your inbox without offering your own personal current email address,” Liz mentioned, “and you may lose that alias and slice that commitment off when it becomes an issue.”

Freedom & confidentiality for every: the search engines specialized in Consumers

StartPage, a pioneer in on the web privacy, delivers maximum-security and ease to prospects around the globe. Unlike Yahoo and different U.S.-based corporations, this website are unable to divulge the non-public information regarding users — because nothing is actually ever before kept.

For daters who could potentially discuss their particular sexual tastes, health details, or any other close revelations in one single look, StartPage supplies some much-needed privacy on the web. On the website, you are able to get the solution or let you call for without outing your own private existence to faceless agencies online.

“search anonymity is important proper,” Liz said, “but possibly even moreso for those who tend to be matchmaking and exploring sensitive and painful info online about topics like-sex and sexuality.”

As a matter of plan, the search engine cannot help tracking internet protocol address addresses, does not gather individual information, and does not share individual information with any 3rd party companies — no matter governmental challenges or monetary bonuses.

“There are other exclusive search engines like google, but StartPage offers the better of two globes: we provide Google google search results that people love, but with StartPage’s own confidentiality safeguards. Google never ever sees all of our users and neither do we.”