The Optical Image Ltd. was started in the early eighties. Denis worked for Dr. Burke Garnet in a little corner of the Russell Clinic. He started with Burke when he was 14 years old. Denis worked after school and on Saturdays cutting lenses and putting the glasses together. He learned from the bottom up. As an adult he took his Opticians License.

Burke paid Denis commission, then one day they decided that rather than a commission salary, at the end of five years Denis would own the business and Burke would make a living doing the eye exams. A few years into this transition Burke passed away.

We purchased Mrs. Cusitar’s house, renovated and named the office The Optical Image Ltd. As time went on, we added what you now see as our large dispensary.

The Optical Image Ltd. serves a large area of Manitoba and Saskatchewan patients. We are continually growing every day!

In February 2011, Dion and Kristin Deschamps, bought into the business. They own half of the business with Melodie Deschamps.

In July 2012, Denis passed away. Although his staff and patients miss him dearly, we strive to offer the same service and dedication that was offered by him.

Come into the office to look around and ask questions about our product and services. You don’t need an appointment to drop by and have a look! Our staff is here to help you!